Babies don’t care about Corona…

Is your baby restless and crying no matter what you try? Does it suffer from cramps (belly aches)? Normally you would love to see an osteopath but that is not possible at the moment?

Also my practice is temporarily closed but here I am online for you!

Even though touching and feeling is impossible at this moment I can still help you find answers on what your baby needs to relax and be happy. ou can get advice to bring back this serene atmosphere. How much does this costs? Just €25. Book an appointment here:


online consult

Mother and child

Not yet available in English.

Restore the balance

Not yet available in English.

Who is Helen?

Whole my life I have been fascinated by touch and what it can do. As I longed to know more about the human body it was a logical conclusion that I studied physical therapy and worked joyfully in that field for 14 year. Still I felt that there was more to know and I looked for a more holistic way of treatment. So I graduated 2017 on the College Sutherland in Amsterdam as an Osteopath D.O. mro with distinction.

To me Osteopathy is not the pure use of techniques but it means reading a body with my hands to find out where the dysfunctions lie.

Specialization for mother and babies 

As a mother of three young children I am fascinated by babies. Evenmore so about what osteopathy can do to babies. Every day again I see babies relax, I hear stories about relieved parents and I am just grateful I can contribute in this way.

Personal Development

I still love to learn more a bout the human body, that is why I continuously follow courses to gain even more expertise. Also I am an examinator at the College Sutherland in Amsterdam.








Depending on the complaints a session will last anywhere between 45 to 60 minutes and the price is € 95.

Directly after the session you are expected to fulfill the fee either in cash or by pin. You will receive a digital invoice by mail, which you can send to your health insurance. Dependent on what kind of additional health insurance you have you will get a part of the fee refunded. For more information check this website (in Dutch) hier.

In the unfortunate situation that you have to cancel an appointment, you are expected to notify me at least 24 hours in advance.Otherwise I will have to charge you a partial fee due to costs that have been made. 

I am a member of the dutch osteopathy federation (Nederlandse Osteopathie Federatie (NOF)).


Helen Kuin Osteopathie

Paramedisch Centrum Duivendrecht
Dorpsplein 40
1115 XL Duivendrecht

Telefoonnummer: 06 30 63 62 08



During a session I will not answer my phone. Please leave a message, sms, app or mail me. I will get back to you as soon as I can.



There is ample parking space in the direct surroundings. Please be aware that it is time-limited parking (2 hours) which you have to indicate with this blue parking meter (parkeerschijf).



The bus 41 (from station Muiderpoort or station Duivendrecht or station Holendrecht) stops nearly infront of the clinic. The stop is Plataanstraat.

The metrostop ‘Van der Madeweg’ is approximately 10 minutes walking.