Helen Kuin Osteopathy

Welcome to Helen Kuin Osteopathy. 

Osteopathy is a holistic manual therapy to mobilize connective tissue in order to improve the metabolism and with that the quality of the tissue. Why is that necessary? Fixed connective tissue can cause traction in our body that pull joints or organs in a restricted position. You might feel the tension as headache, bellypain, backpain, pain during and or before menstruation, pain around scartcissue and in man other different ways. Osteopathy provides different techniques to loosen up the constrains within the tissue.

In a treatment you will be checked from head to toe. I will investigate and treat the mobility of your joints, vertebra, but also organs and cranial bones.

Feel free to contact me in case you are curious whether Osteopathy could mean something for you. Please use my contact form or book directly at the ‘appointment’ button.

Mother and child

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Restore the balance

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Depending on the complaints a session will last anywhere between 45 to 60 minutes and the price is € 95.

Directly after the session you are expected to fulfill the fee either in cash or by pin. You will receive a digital invoice by mail, which you can send to your health insurance. Dependent on what kind of additional health insurance you have you will get a part of the fee refunded. For more information check this website (in Dutch) hier.

In the unfortunate situation that you have to cancel an appointment, you are expected to notify me at least 24 hours in advance.Otherwise I will have to charge you a partial fee due to costs that have been made. 

I am a member of the dutch osteopathy federation (Nederlandse Osteopathie Federatie (NOF)).


Helen Kuin Osteopathie

Paramedisch Centrum Duivendrecht
Dorpsplein 40
1115 XL Duivendrecht

Telefoonnummer: 06 30 63 62 08
E-mail: info@helenkuin.nl



During a session I will not answer my phone. Please leave a message, sms, app or mail me. I will get back to you as soon as I can.



There is ample parking space in the direct surroundings. Please be aware that it is time-limited parking (2 hours) which you have to indicate with this blue parking meter (parkeerschijf).



The bus 41 (from station Muiderpoort or station Duivendrecht or station Holendrecht) stops nearly infront of the clinic. The stop is Plataanstraat.

The metrostop ‘Van der Madeweg’ is approximately 10 minutes walking.