At Helen Kuin Osteopathie we treat tall and small, old and young, big and thin, and everyone in between.


We are the place in Amsterdam and surroundings for osteopathic treatments for women en babys. Of course we also treat men and everyone who identify as non-binary.



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Mother and child

– Are you upset that your baby regurgitates?

– Are you exhausted after so many sleepless nights because your baby makes sounds at night and is a restless sleeper?

– Are you reluctant looking towards to the next feeding because latching on is a challenge, and drinking seems like a struggle? Or is your baby troubled by cramps during the feeding moments?

– Are you worried that your baby turns its head repeatedly to the same side? Does the head start to flatten?

– Do you ask yourself what causes you baby to regularly throw its head back? Does it seem to become tensed?  


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At Helen Kuin Osteopathy are we specialized in the treatment of mother and child.

With the use of soft manual techniques an experienced osteopath will examine and treat you and your baby.

In this way we can discover where tension has build up and how we can resolve your complaints

You can choose of the following:

1.Osteopathic treatment baby – €95 per treatment (about 60min)

2. Osteopathic treatment adult – €120 per behandeling (about 60min)

3. Double treatment mother and child€200 for both treatments (about 90-120min)

4.  Homevisit – Osteopathic treatment baby – €150 per treatment (about 60-90min)



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You don’t have to tackle this alone!

As a mother of three I know by own experience how difficult its can be to make the right choices. Know that you are not alone!

Many parents I was able to support who struggled with the following:

  • the baby hard slept during the day. And if it only made short naps.
  • they were exhausted by the constant crying
  • the baby regurgitated frequently.
  • the birth was long and with some complications (like induced delivery, use of   vacuum-pump or c-section.
  • the baby over-extended regularly and threw its head back.
  • the baby was troubled by cramps.
  • the baby was restless.
  • it seemed nearly impossible to lay the baby down.
  • feeding seemed like  struggle.
  • they were close to dispair. 


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How does it work?

1. Book an appointment 

  • you can do that easily online
  • choose a moment that suits you best
  • you can book any moment and chance times if necessary

2. let you and your baby be treated

  • professionele teratment
  • with empathy and knowledge
  • specific for mothers and babies

3. Enjoy your baby again

  • watch our baby relax
  • experience the inner calm 
  • rediscover your special mother-child bond 

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At Helen Kuin Osteopathy we know that you want to be the best mother/caregiver.

Therefore you need to learn how to read your babies needs at any given moment.

The problem is that you don’t always know why our child cries and that can make you anxious – especially when you have tries everything.

Most of the times you don’t do anything wrong but it is the tension that built up in the babies body that causes (painful) discomfort.

From own experience we know how difficult parenthood can be.

That is why we help you find the right answers so your baby can smile contently again. 

So book an appointment. In the meantime you can download the PDF with 5 helpful tips for successful breastfeeding. (till this moment only available in Dutch) 

Now you can stop worrying because you know there is light at the end of the tunnel.


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Helen Kuin Osteopathie

Paramedisch Centrum Duivendrecht
Dorpsplein 40
1115 XL Duivendrecht

Telefoonnummer: 06 30 63 62 08
E-mail: info@helenkuin.nl



    During a session I will not answer my phone. Please leave a message, sms, app or mail me. I will get back to you as soon as I can.



    There is ample parking space in the direct surroundings. Please be aware that it is time-limited parking (2 hours) which you have to indicate with this blue parking meter (parkeerschijf).



    The bus 41 (from station Muiderpoort or station Duivendrecht or station Holendrecht) stops nearly infront of the clinic. The stop is Plataanstraat.

    The metrostop ‘Van der Madeweg’ is approximately 10 minutes walking.